Monday, March 28, 2016


Day 28 of 31 at TWT!
Last night I couldn't fall asleep. Not the awful, anxiety-driven can't-fall-asleep, but the excited, Christmas-morning can't-fall-asleep. And this morning, I didn't even mind when my alarm went off two and a half hours earlier than I'd been getting up last week. I get to see my kids! I wonder how they're doing? I can't wait to continue our Slice of Life mini-lessons this week! I can't wait to see what everyone is reading! 

At 7:15, when Little Sweetie would have normally been waking me up, I was practically skipping around the room. Turning on the happy lamps, changing the calendar and the idiom of the week, adjusting the pillows and rugs... getting our little "home" all ready.

Bouncy steps mingled with half-tired smiles. "Hi, Mrs. M!" "I missed you!" "How was your break?" "You finished The False Prince?! See, I told you the ending was great!" "I liked your posts over break!" "I didn't go anywhere either, but I had fun taking my baby to the zoo and the park! Sometimes, the best break is just to relax, right?" Many of my students don't have exciting breaks, unlike many other kids in our upscale suburban town. For some of my kids, break isn't really even a very nice time. "I was kind of glad to be back into the routine of school, weren't you?"

I love this job. I LOVE this job! Genuinely full of joy, my heart reached out with invisible hugs as each of those sweet students walked into my room. Noticing and enjoying the familiarity of their haircuts, their clothes, their smiles, their strength. Remembering their stories.

And at 4:00, when I walked into my mom's house, the other side of my new life. I love this too. What a bundle of adorableness! Little Sweetie giggling, wiggling, squealing and cooing. All flailing arms and thrashing legs, with her most gigantic jaw-stretching smile. "Ma-ma-ma!" The best feeling in the world.

In greetings, our most true feelings shine through.


  1. You're beyond rich, Jennifer. You have a career you love (and are so good at) and a family you adore (who loves you back). These are the riches we all want in life. Enjoy them!

  2. How delightful you're excited to get back to your "kids"! What lucky students they are.

  3. So glad you had a good day, and spread your cheer to those wonderful students. Have a great week, Jennifer.

  4. I love the way you used the word "Greetings" to tie your beginning and end of your day together. I also love that you love your students. I always felt the same way about my room when I was a teacher and my building as a principal-- it is a home away from home for our students and ourselves if we make it that way. I also love being your Mom. :)

  5. Your joy is contagious! You do have a rich life, but you share that richness with those around you. Your kids know you love them and want the best for them always. And at the end of the day, that sweet little person waits for you with joy.


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