Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Evening snuggles

Day 2 of 31 at TWT!
I should be sending emails. Or responding to student posts. 
I could be playing a game or drifting away into the TV.
I could be diving into a book or reading my friends' slices.
I should be deciding which slice idea to use today.

But I look down and just stop.
There's my slice. There's my world.
The rest can wait.

Wispy blonde hair barely sweeping over dainty ears,
so soft and fine, with wafting whiffs of pure sweetness.

Two deep blue pools of innocent love reflecting my delight,
framed by long, delicate lashes.

Sweet smirks and spreading smiles.
Petite pearls peeking through gooey gums.

Tiny hands gently patting and exploring with wonder and love.
A velvety neck begging to be nuzzled.

Serene and fluttery rhythms: a constant miracle.
A real, live creature who becomes more of a little person every day!

Waving arms and wiggly legs stretching and reaching,
tiny toes curling, pink and perfect.

Long shadows wrap us in our own little world:
peace and love to capture and savor.



  1. Ooooohhhhh. Love this. You sure made the right choice in slices today. And that picture. Precious.

  2. So sweet! The perfect inspiration!

  3. I needed this one. Too often I find myself being pulled in too many directions, when what I really want and really need is right there in front of me. Glad you followed the tug and shared your words!

  4. This is beautiful. My favorite moments are ones like this, but I haven't been able to put it into such perfect words. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful. There is your Slice, your life.

    That tiny little hand.... precious.

  6. Beautiful post! I wrote about a similar struggle today of balancing the art of bedtime with that ever-present voice that whispers what I "should be doing."

    I love the image and the way you focused on the precious details in each couplet.

    Thanks so much for sharing today!

    (It has me logged into my Google account, and I don't know which site it's linked to. Here's my slicing site -

  7. I love your vivid adjectives and verbs. More importantly I love you and Marisol-- and your loving words today about her!

  8. Of course that's what you should be doing, Jennifer! I think she will like reading this some day! Beautiful words, beautiful moment.

  9. Your words give me goosebumps as I read and note the perfection of your word choice to describe the sweetest baby. The shoulds and coulds need to step aside, they will always be there, but this sweetness will grow up too fast.


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