Tuesday, March 22, 2016

La batería se está agotando

Day 22 of 31 at TWT!
"La batería se está agotando." Yeah, me too! I snort as I dismiss the low battery notification on my phone. It always cracks me up that the Spanish verb for "running out" is the same as the verb for being exhausted: "The battery is getting exhausted." Word play that creates personification has always been my favorite; I just can't help imagining the literal picture and bursting out laughing. Whenever my phone or iPad is low on battery, I picture a pitiful little phone character with arms and legs, all sweaty and droopy from running around all day. Poor little exhausted phone!

At this point in March, that same message should be popping up in a balloon over my head: "La batería se está agotando." State testing. End of the quarter grades due. Blogging and commenting every day... AND commenting on my students' posts! Easter's coming. More state testing right around the corner.

Right now, I'm on Spring Break, which is such an essential respite, but also an opportunity to have so much fun! Now that I have Little Sweetie to buddy around with, every break is full of so much more delight... but that much joy is exhausting too! (After I posted the 108 photos I took today on our family photostream, Husband asked if I was going to need a break to recover from break!) Reading, learning, playing, "talking", snuggling. Baby storytime at the library, lunches out, making "friends", shopping, enjoying the weatherthe zoo... what fun! No wonder my poor phone is all worn out!
Yay! I love storytime! 
After all that fun, it would be easy for me to collapse on the couch and skip writing. But challenges are made to be hard, because only hard things make you grow. That's worth it, and that's exactly what I hope my students learn too.

And guess what? Just like my phone needs to connect to more power when it gets exhausted, being strong is just what I need to recharge. By connecting to the most important parts of myself, I end up rejuvenated. Writing is definitely work, but it's work that powers me right back up.


  1. There's always so much energy in your posts that leave me rejuvenated at this late point in the evening. Such a busy life with little sweetie leading the way.

  2. You moved through this post seemingly getting faster as you wrote more. Take a little time to power-up this week, too.


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