Sunday, March 20, 2016

Born a reader

Day 20 of 31 at TWT!
"... a quiet activity, like reading a book."
"Don't worry if your baby does not pay much attention to the book..."
"You don't have to finish the book..."

I snort every time I read an article mentioning reading to babies. Obviously, these people have never met a baby like Little Sweetie. Quiet? Calm? Losing attention? Not this baby!
Not quite a month old, and flailing like crazy!

Ever since my mom set our old copy of Wet Willy's Water Fun beside her on a blanket when she was about a month old, this one has LOVED books.

She swipes and flails. She pats and whacks. She squeals, coos, giggles, and squawks!
Yeah, we're readers in this family!
Daddy! This book is awesome!!!
Whoa, I can open this!
And now that she's a big girl, she can do even more.

She grabs and holds the book. She opens and closes it. She helps turn the pages. She leans forward and rocks with anticipation.

She flips the book back and forth, studying how the front and back cover are different.

Her curious fingers search for textures and flaps. She claps, points, and babbles.

When we get to the end, she wants to explore more, turning back to find her favorite pages and practicing turning them.

She even picks up books and "reads" them independently as she plays on her turtle mat or in her playpen.
I can read by myself now, you guys!
This is more than a treasured time to snuggle. This is not just her another part of her general desire to investigate everything. This is a love of books. This is the beginning of a reading life.

This one was born a reader.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic journey your daughter will have with books. Thanks for sharing her story! (pun intended!)

  2. Amazing! If only every child had this opportunity.

  3. I knew she'd love reading. You passed that gene right down to her. So many books, so little time.

  4. I love the quote: "Children become readers on the laps of their parents." You are showing this by providing your little one a life surrounded by books...and she's responding by loving those books. Yay for book love!!

  5. This must be 'book love' day! Awesome to see those pics. Get her Freight Train. All the grandchildren loved it. And a new poetry one out is Lullaby & Kisses Sweet, anthology by Lee Bennett Hopkins.

  6. These pictures are just priceless! She obviously loves those books, and the way you organized the words and pictures was perfect.

  7. Very cool. This how we influence kids!

  8. So cute. As an emergent literacy specialist this warms my heart. Keep the books laying around for her to explre and find. Great job mom!

  9. I love the way you stacked the timeline of explanation with the photos. What you didn't is how much her literacy journey mirrors yours! 😀😀 Love, Mommy


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