Thursday, March 24, 2016

Serenity and wonder

Day 24 of 31 at TWT!
Soft sunshine warms our faces, contrasting with the murky power of the river rippling in front of us.

"Bvvvt!" A tiny pink finger reaches out.
"That's the river. It has lots of water. Do you see the duckies?"

A sweet breeze brushes away the hectic bustle of the suburbs. We've had so much fun this week that I can feel myself recharging immediately here. Breathing as deeply as I can, I let myself fall right into M&M's state of pure wonder.

Ripples. Bobbing ducks. Squawking geese. Rustling trees.

This might have to be our springtime spot! I love that this park is so close to my school, but mostly I love that Little Sweetie inspires me to get out and enjoy it.

"Look at that cool tree over there! Let's climb your first tree!" Its outstretched arms beckon like it's just waiting for us to snuggle into its lap.

You just HAVE to climb onto this tree, right?

We carefully clamber onto the spacious, inviting trunk-branches and settle onto a well-worn, sturdy junction, low enough to be safe but perfectly surrounded by tree-i-ness: ancient, steady, wise. I settle back into the welcoming crook of stately benevolence, nestling Little Sweetie against me. Pure serenity.

This would make such a cool spot to read or write in... My mind drifts back to that enchanted tree at Kenyon College. From the outside, this tree is totally different, but its branches wrap me in the same feeling of timeworn tranquility.

I gaze outward, spellbound by the extra magic that now seems to glow from the scene around us: the mighty-yet-placid river carving its path through a backdrop of gray branches against blue sky.

Cuddling further into the enduring bark against my back, I ponder the mysterious living spirit of this steadfast bulwark. So solid, yet so alive.

"This is a tree! You love seeing trees, but now we get to snuggle in one!" I gently encourage M&M to explore the sinewy bark, and even let her sit carefully on the lowest piece of trunk-branch, my hands hovering next to her.

There are so many miracles in this world, if we only open our eyes. I can't wait to keep introducing them to my bright little sweetie as she helps me discover wonder in a whole new way.


  1. So sweet. I felt the same when my daughter was a toddler. The tree is also so original and beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  2. " Its outstretched arms beckon like it's just waiting for us to snuggle into its lap." Great line! What a peaceful adventure!

  3. What a sweet piece today! What sweet memories!

  4. Thanks for sharing your day. I feel recharged as well.

  5. Thanks for sharing your day. I feel recharged as well.

  6. I remember your writing about that other "magic" tree, Jennifer. Special then, and special today. There are so many wonders to show a young child. I love that you're doing it, and sharing some with us.

  7. Love that fat little finger pointing and poking to discover. Clara (granddaughter) does the very same thing. Babies do open our eyes to the wonders of the world.


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