Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sunshine and smiles

Day 8 of 31 at TWT!
"Oooooo, ooooo!" As I park the stroller, Little Sweetie strains to sit up and cranes her neck to peek out of the lowest dip in the side of her car seat. Could she really recognize the swings over there? That's her "pointing something out" noise, and she's looking right at them!

"Woo!" She squeals and wiggles as I pull her out of the seat, her huge eyes gazing at the kids running on the playground.

"Do you remember the swings? You love to swing!" I ease her squirming legs into the holes in the baby swing, set her bottom in the right place, and help her grab the front of the seat. Very gently, I pull the swing back and let it go, pushing slightly harder each time. At first, she grabs the seat tightly and presses her lips in a tight line, but soon she relaxes, leans forward, and starts "talking".
Ooh, yeah, I remember! This is fun! 
"Ba-ba-ba-ba. Bwooooo! Bvvvvvvvt." She starts waving at the other people on the playground, giggles, and beams at me with her signature smile. My little ray of sunshine.

Hi, playground friends!
Thoughts of testing, tiredness, and to-dos vanish, and I'm just here: under the blue sky, basking in the sweetness of springtime, overflowing with joy.


  1. Thanks for sharing this slice of life! How absolutely precious!

  2. I love this, especially your last line with lovely alliteration "thoughts of testing, tiredness and to-do's vanish". You really make it sound like a to-do list and then change it to such beautiful language to describe your content mood- "basking in the sweetness of springtime"

  3. All the issues of the day fall away when you have little sweetie in your arms. She is simply precious! I love how she's noticing the other kids too. My granddaughter is just like that too. She loves the park and going on the swing too. Wish I could see her more!

  4. This is beautiful. Your little ray of sunshine. :) Love the picture of her with her hand up - so cute!

    This is exactly how I am - the worst day can melt away once we are reunited with our children.

  5. Love that "new" language you're sharing, and that hat is darling. Of course, so is Marisol. What lovely outside days you're having.


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