Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two sweet

Day 23 of 31 at TWT!
"Ha-aAH!" Little Sweetie squeals as she triumphantly stretches her face into her most ridiculous, crazy-eyed, gaping smile: the one where she opens her mouth so widely I wonder how her jaw doesn't unhinge.

"Are you very big and tall?" Husband's eyes sparkle as he croons at her in his sugary just-for-her voice. His arms are stretched toward the ceiling, holding her up at she pushes her tiny feet against his shoulders. She flails her little arms as if she's trying to fly, then claps her hands together and rolls her shoulders in, forming a picture-perfect pose that I'm not sure how she learned.

He swings her down low and folds her in a cozy hug, then heads upstairs with exaggeratedly bouncy steps.
Daddy! You're so fun!
That always-curious little finger pokes outward in myriad directions, signaling the fascinating qualities of usually overlooked objects that Husband cheerfully names for her. "That's the remote. That's the window. There's a picture of you! Lamp. Mommy's bag. Marching Band flag..." Wiggling and clinging to him, she digs her minuscule fists into the fabric of his shirts and babbles all the way up to her room.
Look, Daddy!
A few minutes later, muffled cackling drifts down the hallway. I peek into her room, and his skinny fingers are scampering up and down her pink pajamas, making her writhe in delight. "Is Daddy getting you?" She squeals and giggles through squirmy, toothy grins, and I can see pure love gleaming from his eyes into hers.
I love playing with you, Daddy!
Those two: too sweet! Every moment I see them together, I love each of them more.


  1. Daddies make the best playmates! So much delight in the words and photos! This is a happy place for me to visit every evening. :-)

  2. Love seeing this other part of what you see, Jennifer. How sweet to see them together.

  3. That is so beautiful. Such a lovely family you have!


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