Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shared discoveries

Day 26 of 31 at TWT!
"Bwoooh!" From inside her stroller, Little Sweetie becomes a whirlwind of flailing arms and legs.

"Do you see all the friends? There are so many friends at the playground today, right?" Our usually peaceful park is now the site of a swirling hubbub of color centered around the playground. The street is lined with cars, and other families with their own sweeties in their strollers converge from all directions.

I can't help but skip a little as I push the stroller through the sunshine. "Are you excited for your very first egg hunt?!" What an absolutely perfect day! 

Holiday traditions have always made my soul feel so light and joyful I could almost float away. Thank goodness I never outgrew that childhood magic, and now it's even stronger since I get to rediscover each delight in a new way with my little M&M!

What a funny friend!
Ooh, a real bunny!
And we're off! The 3 & under egg hunt!
What is that?!
Ooh, there's a surprise inside!
Bright dollops splash against verdant grass, highlighted against a brilliant blue backdrop. Giggles, squeals, and scurrying feet. So much to discover! So much to share!


  1. So fun! I too love holiday traditions and now love getting to do them all over again with my kids! So much fun and excitement! Happy Easter!

  2. Oh,that coat is so cute, Jennifer. Glad it was a wonderful sunny day. And love the pic with the bunny!

  3. What a doll! So many firsts happening to little sweetie! Lucky you to have a beautiful day, our day was dark and chilly.


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