Monday, March 21, 2016

Making friends

Day 21 of 31 at TWT!
"You have the most beautiful baby!"

"Aw, what a big smile!"

"Wow, such a sweetie!"

"Hi, pretty girl!"

"Is she always this happy?!"

M&M stretches out her tiny finger, pointing out new "friends" everywhere we go. Storytime, out to eat, shopping, running errands... the world is full of so many friends!

She tries out different kinds of waves, depending on her mood: the slow-wiggly-finger wave, the backwards-slow-wiggly-finger wave, and the crazy-straight-arm-flailing wave.

After selecting the correct type of wave, she then decides which of her signature smiles to beam: the ecstatic-gaping-so-tall-it-seems-her-jaw-will-unhinge laugh-smile, the straight-mouth-barely-open-but-stretching-wide smile, the showing-off-all-seven-teeth grin, and the silly-pursed-lips-holding-in-a-laugh smile. Some are accompanied by crazy-popping wide eyes, while others come with scrunched-in-delight slit eyes.

But whatever the wave and whatever the smile, her joyful sweetness wins over everyone, everywhere. Grandparents, teens, people of all different ethnicities. Tired cashiers and scurrying waiters. Couples on dates, lunching ladies, businessmen in suits. Everybody returns the waves and smiles, telling us how sweet and wonderful she is. Strangers who would have never acknowledged us begin chatting about her age, her teeth, her beautiful eyes. Everyone becomes a friend.

There's nothing like a baby for bringing people together.


  1. Yep, that's Marisol all right! Bringing people together in love!!

  2. Love those different kinds of waves, and that hair bow-just great! I can see by all her pictures that she is one baby who spreads happiness wherever she is. Glad you shared!

  3. She is a magnetic force, even so young. Great things are ahead for this little lady. Love your hyphenated types of smiles, perfect descriptions!


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